Samstag, Oktober 14, 2006

How many standards must a E-Learning system walk down?

Alright, I am a E-learning standards sceptic - I have implemented to many of them in the database structure of my apps only to see the wither or being not useful. You could say I am burned and a skeptic now. With this context in mind You can imagine that this headline put me in full B*llsh*t-mode: PR:IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Breakthrough Education Industry Standard for Digital Learning Content. Everyone in the industry seems to be backing it - but does it deliver? After joining the IMS/GLC-community, no more substantial info could be found than this blurb "The IMS Common Cartridge specification combines three of IMS’s most widely adopted specifications, Content Packaging, Question/Test Interoperability, and Metadata, with the IMS Tools Interoperability Protocol, which enables standards-based data exchange between learning management platforms and standalone learning tools, such as adaptive tutors or assessment engines."

I will wait with any comments until I have seen this at work at Online Educa in Berlin this year.

Montag, Oktober 02, 2006

Yahoo Search in Context

A new technology called Y!Q Y!Q is available at Yahoo!. This allows You as a webdev to embed an inline search link to do a pre-configured live search. Now if we could do something like this for every word on the page…