Samstag, Oktober 14, 2006

How many standards must a E-Learning system walk down?

Alright, I am a E-learning standards sceptic - I have implemented to many of them in the database structure of my apps only to see the wither or being not useful. You could say I am burned and a skeptic now. With this context in mind You can imagine that this headline put me in full B*llsh*t-mode: PR:IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Breakthrough Education Industry Standard for Digital Learning Content. Everyone in the industry seems to be backing it - but does it deliver? After joining the IMS/GLC-community, no more substantial info could be found than this blurb "The IMS Common Cartridge specification combines three of IMS’s most widely adopted specifications, Content Packaging, Question/Test Interoperability, and Metadata, with the IMS Tools Interoperability Protocol, which enables standards-based data exchange between learning management platforms and standalone learning tools, such as adaptive tutors or assessment engines."

I will wait with any comments until I have seen this at work at Online Educa in Berlin this year.


At Samstag, Dezember 09, 2006 7:42:00 nachm., Blogger Hans Feldmeier ADMIN said...

Hallo Karsten, finde es interesant was du machst. Ich selbst bin Lehrer an einer Realschule in Bayern (Konrektor, Praktikumslehrer). Außerdem Comenius Promotor (Pad) und eTwinning Promotor (NSS) und mein Schwerpunkt sind Digitale Unterrichtsmethoden.

At Donnerstag, März 17, 2016 6:57:00 vorm., Blogger wdmtest said...

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