Freitag, Februar 24, 2006

Inevitable, is it? Google Pages!

OK, this was missing right from the start in Googles toolchest: A webpage editor.
While this is cool because they just execute their biz plan to the max and integration is always a good argument to tie in customers, slowly this reminds me of the 7th season of DS9! Anyone remember the Dominion?

Donnerstag, Februar 16, 2006

Pocket sized projectors, new Ebook-Readers and some ideas

Hey, this is what I am looking for - getting away from hunching over a labtop screen: Light Blue Optics mini projectors - allthough I only believe it when I have seen it. This would be perfect for realizing PolyVisions Thunder Virtual Flipchart System.

In other news, Sony's E-book-reader uses E-Ink - that looks interesting, but I am still waiting for an iBook Tablet instead :)

At least we know we are doing things right!

37signals gets a lot of media buzz these days and their new product Campfire, a simple web-based group chat gets its share as well. I am one of the developers of EverLearn, an integrated learning environment / LCMS / learning community server / you name it, which has a Campfire-like chat for two years now. Do we will bitter that CampFire is all buzz now? No, it just shows us, that we are working in the right direction and that our new project coming later this year will be at last two years ahead :) This time, we have people on board for marketing and business, though… Great times ahead!

Dienstag, Februar 14, 2006

Devstuff from Yahoo!

Hmm, is this the kind of standardization we need for all this Ajax-stuff? Yahoo! UI Library? Well, at least some lib with a strong backing, but there are numerous others (see other posts). BUT what is nice to see is the Yahoo! Design Pattern Library. I like this and it is all BSD license. I will check it out for a project.

Sonntag, Februar 05, 2006

Free educational pod-& vodcasts

At LearnOutLoud you can find a collection of both commercial and free audio and video contents. For example in the free category they list material from MIT: Focus on Educational Innovation by Charles Vest. A nice portal, but when will we see a Google p/vodcast search? Or is the iTunes Musicstore the p/vodcast portal to choose?

How fast are You?

This is a nice and simple test of Your typing speed (TyperA) - I reached 347, what score can You achieve?
Good thing about this little Java app is the instant feedback (words with typos are shown red, current score, current typing speed etc.). And it is available for different languages!