Freitag, März 23, 2007

The power of nerd communities

Heck, when Nintendo first dropped the word about the Wii, probably nobody but me ;) was seeing the potential. But now Wii sales is running circles around Xbox360 and PS3. The coolest thing for me is the nerd community of people hacking away with the Wii remote.

And this one of the coolest things I have seen yet for the Wii (and a humble Mac :) )

A scratchin, bitchin Loop Machine created by the Amazing Rolo - very nice music AND computer nerd!

The Wii remote is bringing whole body movement into computer interaction for the masses - how silly people look glued to their old schooltired gamepads.

Have a look for yourself, I am still thinking about the educational possibilities.

By the way, I will consolidate my non-official Blogs on Didactalab to get some steady posting stream and much more control about my blog - I cannot do cool stuff with this one (e.g. including the Amazing Rolo Video, so you have to head over to his page).


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